Rummy Ola Registration and First top up Bonus

How to Register?

We are now accepting registrations from Indian players aged 18 and above who have not previously register with us. You can easily create an account, start playing, and start earning.

Here are the Steps on How to Register at Royal Club:

  1. Go to our official website or download our mobile app.
  2. Find and click on the ”Register” button.
  3. Fill out the registration form with your mobile number (+91), a strong password, and an invitation code.
  4. Read and agree to the Terms and Conditions.
  5. Finish the registration process by clicking the Register
  6. Access your newly created account by logging in.


To enjoy the Rummy Ola Games, participants in India must sign up at the Royal Club and obey certain regulations. If you do not follow the guidelines, we may block your account or delete your profile for your own protection.

  • Registration is open only to adults (18 years of age and older).
  • Provide your personal information; using others’ data is prohibited.
  • Do not provide outdated, false, or made-up information.
  • The site  administration reserves the right to refuse registration.
  • Suspicious profiles may lead to account deactivation.
  • Register only one account per mobile phone and avoid using same IP address.

Following these guidelines is required; failure to do so may lead to account suspension or permanent banning.


Every player needs a Recommendation Code when registering for Rummy Ola Games at Royal Club.


What is the purpose of the invitation code, and how can I utilize it?

  • The invitation code is crucial for registration as it allows you to avail discounts and incentives.

Is it legal to establish an account at the Royal Club?

  • Yes, the act of creating an account on this website is entirely within the legal framework.

Why am I encountering issues with the registration process?

  • This might occur if you attempt to register using a phone number already associated with an existing Royal Club account.

What steps should I take after entering the invitation code?

  • After obtaining the code, you can proceed to register by filling out the provided form on our website.

Is it permissible to have multiple accounts?

  • No, maintaining multiple accounts is not allowed, as having more than one account may lead to the deletion of your account.