Refund and Cancellation Policy

Our goal at Royal Club is to give gamers a smooth and entertaining gaming experience. We are aware, nonetheless, that players could occasionally need to request cancellations or refunds.

Refund Policy

  • At Royal Club’s discretion, refunds could be given in the following situations:
    • Bugs or technical issues that prohibit users from accessing or engaging with the game.
    • Fraudulent or unauthorised activities with the player’s account.
    • Any more extraordinary conditions that the Royal Club decides are necessary.
  • Players who want refunds have to back up their requests with official records or proof.
  • Refunds can be given to the player as credits in their Royal Club account or in the original form of payment.

Cancellation Policy

  • Players may request cancellations for certain services or transactions, such as:
    • Purchases of virtual goods or in-game currency.
    • Subscription services or recurring payments.
    • Other eligible transactions as determined by Royal Club.
  • Cancellation requests must be submitted within the specified time frame and according to the terms and conditions associated with the service or transaction.
  • Royal Club reserves the right to deny cancellation requests or impose cancellation fees in certain circumstances, such as:
    • Services that have already been provided or rendered.
    • Transactions that are non-refundable or subject to specific cancellation policies.
    • Any other applicable terms and conditions outlined by Royal Club.

Policy Updates

  • Royal Club reserves the right to update or modify its refund and cancellation policy at any time without prior notice.
  • Any changes to the policy will be communicated to players through the Royal Club website or other official channels.
  • The Royal Club will endeavor to resolve disputes promptly and fairly, taking into account the interests of all parties involved.

By adhering to this refund and cancellation policy, Royal Club aims to uphold transparency, fairness, and customer satisfaction in all aspects of its operations.