Rummy Ola Bonuses and Agent Salary System Daily


Using your own Referral Link

Rummy Ola at Royal Club Bonuses and Agent Salary System is a new way of earning through your own referral link is the primary way to boost your income as Royal Club Agent. By sharing your unique referral link, you can invite new members to join our platform and enjoy a rewarding bonus structure.

How it works:

Referring Members: When you refer a minimum of 1 to 5 members to Royal Club, you’ll have a safety net to ensure earnings. For each member you invite, you’ll receive a generous bonus of 100 Rupees.

NoteTo be eligible for this bonus, each member you referred must complete a minimum first recharge of 300 Rupees.

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First Bonus Tiers

As you continue to refer more members, your earnings per invite increase significantly. Here’s a breakdown of the bonus tiers:

  • 1-5 Referrals = 251 RS per invite.
  • 6-10 Referrals = 601 RS per invite.
  • 11-30 Referrals = 2101 RS per invite.
  • 21-50 Referrals = 4001 RS per invite.
  • 51-100 Referrals = 9001 RS per invite.
  • 101-300 Referrals = 30001 RS per invite.
  • 301-500 Referrals = 75001 RS per invite.
  • 501-1000 Referrals = 200001 RS per invite.

Sample Computation

Let’s say you’ve successfully referred 30 members to Royal Club as Agent, and each of them has completed their first recharge of 300 RS on the same day. Here’s how your earnings would look:

All 30 Referrals (11-30 Referrals Tier) = 30 x 100 RS = 3000 RS

Total Earnings: 3000 RS

NoteYour earnings will be automatically directly to your account.


Benefits of Becoming an Agent

As an esteemed agent, you stand to benefit from three significant bonuses that eagerly await your arrival. This exciting venture promises not only financial rewards but also a platform for personal and professional growth.
These are the:

Referral Bonus-As an agent with Royal Club, you have the opportunity to boost your earnings through our Referral Bonus program.

Weekly Salary- This bonus is designed to recognize your consistent performance and commitment to promoting our platform. Each week, agents receive a salary based on their activity and achievements, providing a reliable source of income to support your efforts as an agent.

Daily Commission- With our Daily Commission program, agents at Royal Club have the opportunity to earn commissions on a daily basis based on their performance and activity.

Anniversary Daily Bonus- On the anniversary of your partnership with us, we’ll treat you to a special daily bonus as a token of our gratitude for your ongoing partnership and dedication to promoting our platform. It’s our way of showing appreciation for your loyalty and commitment as a valued member of the Royal Club team.

Mystery Bonus

We have a mystery incentive that will be paid to the agents based on their players’ total deposits and withdrawals.

How to Qualify:

Rules of “Royal Club”

  1. It is forbidden to use the same mobile phone to register multiple accounts for arbitrage defraud bonuses (and also forbidden using numerous accounts with the same IP). It is also prohibited to use multiple mobile phones to register multiple accounts for arbitrage.
  2. etting Odd and Even , Big and Small or Dragon and Tiger on the same period is prohibited
  3. It is forbidden for upper-level members and lower-level members to conduct Odd and Even , Big and Small or Dragon and Tiger betting separately in the same period.
    Also it is forbidden to use multiple accounts to betting Odd and Even , Big and Small or Dragon and Tiger at the same period.
  4. If you need to register a new account in special circumstances, please contact the teacher for authorization.
    5. Each member can only have one Royal Club account. Any form of cheating, arbitrage and speculation is prohibited.